Paul was one of the first celebrity personal trainers in the UK, is a bestselling author and regularly features on TV and the media. He is a very experienced coach and personal trainer who understands clients and their individual needs.

We work in a private studio focussing on your goals and not wasting time in a crowded gym is key to my success. I have helped hundreds of people of all ages lose weight, condition their bodies, prepare for sports or speed-sculpt their way to a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

Please feel free to call on 07956 490967 to discuss your specific requirements

I work with clients of all ages and abilities and have often been seen on TV, heard on the radio and featured in many mainstream and fitness industry publications and here are just a few client testimonials and images from the hundreds of clients I have worked with – this is why I love my job:

Chantelle Houghton worked on a holistic programme designed to rapidly tone, shape and lose weight. Paul and Chantelle’s work was featured in various lifestyle magazines *



“Hi Paul, Have been meaning to send these. The long dress one is a size 14, the jeans one is size 12 and I think when the before pictures were taken I was a size 22. see you this evening. “ Trish *

Hi Paul,
I used to attend your boxerobics class in a little dance studio off Oxford Street probably about 11 or 12 years ago. It was the best training i have ever done, and i’m wondering if you have a book or DVD that covers all the exercises in your routine. I have been in the middle of Pennsylvania in the States for the last 5 years, nothing comes close to any of the workouts that i did with you.”  
Roy Hampton *

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