Corrective Conditioning

What is Corrective Conditioning?

Corrective Conditioning is a specialist training program that helps clear neural pathways to parts of the body that are not firing – where the musculature is effectively wasted, which causes overload and pain. 

Many people are born with prevalent neural pathways which means that certain muscle groups become much more dominant, and you have imbalances biomechanically and structurally. These imbalances cause overloads – where certain muscles over-fire, are ‘angry’ and overwork, while certain other elements of musculature do not fire, and neural pathways don’t get triggered and the muscle can waste away – this causes skeletal and neural problems later in life which can be easily rectified with a personalised corrective conditioning programme. 

Obviously the earlier you identify and treat these conditions the better – after decades of muscle imbalances many people end up with prolapsed discs and many other types of skeletal issues which I specialise in treating with a unique combination of specifically designed exercise for you focusing on the areas affected.  

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